GET ALL 2005

[ fight the cause ] – bekämpfe die Ursache.

The German meaning of their name is the content of the new longplay album „GET ALL“.
In spite of being intended as a concept album, each single song is a station in the life of the artificial character RaloS. In the opinion of the musicians „The meaning of the words isn´t change in the contents even when they´re seen separately, due to the closed structure of the songs.“
GET ALL“ describes the life of RaloS and his development without being strictly tight to a defined space in time. The auditor seems to move trough hundreds of years in the evolution of mankind.
RaloS, in the beginning discovered as an absolute abhorrent being, changes into a symbol for the human being described by cruelty, greed, hate but also incredible fear.
The album is am move between complexity and chaos, intended to violate this border in the end and destroy everything that was created, but really everything? The sounds are very different: for example there are EBM beats combined with rock guitars and a classic piano sequence is covered by hard beats.
„We prefer to create music as we want to hear it or according to our actual mood. If we´d only produce EBM, we´d probably appear dimensionless.“ is the band´s opinion.
The album „GET ALL“ is introduced as a limited edition. The label Khazad Dum Records added a bonusdisk with regardable features. Beside the different remixes of the album tracks (from Schattenschlag, Metallspürhunde, Occculture and Dementi) there are contained two preliminary versions of songs, which were already recorded but not intended to be released. In the „Hidden Section“ You can discover further surprises.
The box itself, limited to only 999 copies, is designed under great efforts continues in the album´s style and belongs to the described concept.
GET ALL“, an album, which was expected for a long time, making all the promises come true and even performs much better than all the expectations made You believe.
This album from [ fight the cause ] surely will find its place in a own section of independent music .